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RoboJobz facilitates a smooth meeting between ambitious companies and qualified candidates for the automation and robotics industries throughout the world.

Is your business in need of new employees? Upload your job vacancies and target qualified specialists within the automation and robotics industries. Or let us handle the recruitment for you with a targeted search from our pool of candidates.

Are you looking for new challenges in your career or perhaps your first job? Upload your resume to the specialist pool and make it easier to be selected for relevant jobs.

RoboJobz is powered by SlaterConsult.

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    Featured candidate

    Meet our candidate of the month - You are free to connect if you have a relevant job match.

    Our featured candidates are new graduates and highly skilled in robotics, artificial intelligence, mechanical or electrical engineering.

    When you upload your resume to the specialist pool as a candidate, your profile is private and will only be shared with your consent. Please join by uploading your resume.

      Recruitment solutions



      Job posting

      Expose your job to international specialists.

      Applications direct to your website or email.

      Publish up to 90 days per job post, online within 24 hours.

      Price: EUR 335,- excl. VAT

      50% discount on internship and student jobs.

      Post a Job

      Recruitment package

      End to end recruitment  with job performance analysis,

      sourcing and interview including personality profile.

      Targeted search and specialist headhunting.

      Smooth transition to the new country, job and

      workplace with full mobility service.

      Fixed price structure.

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      Career profile

      Gain quick and easy insight into your own behavioral preferences with estimate online  color-based, four-facet profile.

      Complete the test online and receive your personal profile.

      Price: EUR 48,- excl. VAT

      Personal Behavioral Style

      Understand your work related behavior and what motivates you.

      Complete the test online and receive your personal profile.

      Price: EUR 65,- excl. VAT


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      US +1 407 350 0324
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      RoboJobz is a specialist recruitment site
      dedicated the robotics, drone and automation industry,
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